Be A Dog Podcast

I know I post mostly High School highlights that I film. I’ll do an occasional music video and snap some photos. I’ll continue to those things but I want to act on an idea I had a few years ago. It’s a podcast called Be A Dog.

There is a saying “Be A Dog” if you are a savage or you just get after it. Coach Carpenter of Capital High School had a speech. It stuck out to me when he said, “Be A Dog in every freaking thing you do”.

In this podcast I’ll have my friend Ben Clendenin helping me out. We’ll have guest call in and eventually visit the studio. We are going to interview and talk with past and current WV high school athletes and coaches. The idea is to have those raw convo’s that you have in the stands, on the way to the games, and at cookouts.

I’ll appreciate the support if you share or get involved with the conversations when we get going. Just message me on social media platforms @ DavidHarveyWV and use the hash tag #BeADogWV.